Lesson 6: Juban basics

I finally had the time to do something I’ve long wanted to do: photograph the process of making and sewing on a han eri. I took the chance to also make a chikara nuno – juban collar adjustment – and photograph how to wear a juban with one. The photo-illustrated directions follow. All are interlinked, so you can start anywhere and easily navigate between them:

o How to make a chikara nuno
(followed by directions for attaching it)

o How to make a han eri

o How to prepare a han eri before sewing
(for a han eri you’ve made yourself or a ready-made one)

o How to sew on a han eri

o How to put on a juban with a chikara nuno

The juban directions are a sort of work in progress, as one day I hope to photograph and describe the entire process of wearing a kimono. However, at the moment I still need practice!

Please note that my directions aren’t meant to be definitive – there’s really no one way to do them. Nor am I an expert, just a kimono lover. My information has been gleaned from several kitsuke books, websites, discussion forums and my own kimono. If you would like to leave feedback, please do!

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