I’m very happy because I’ve had quite the stroke of luck. It’s funny because at the same time I was complaining a little on a kimono forum about never being able to find simple vintage woven kimono, preferably meisen, in my size (I’m far too tall for most of them), I came across two with nice designs and in good condition – and affordable! I’ve been looking for a kimono like them for years, literally. I admit, I’m addicted to browsing kimono on ebay and sellers’ sites… it’s how I wake up in the morning.

Here are the two beauties I won:
. .

On the left, a 1960s chirimen omeshi kimono with “tatewaku” (rising steam) motif, and on the right, a 1930s unlined “fuji” (wisteria) komon. Can you tell I like dark pink? As if that weren’t enough pink, I also dug up this beautiful iromuji michiyuki, a real steal at $15! (Why on earth wasn’t I outbid? It’s worth at least three times that!)

There’s also a closeup of the woven pattern on it. It’s very long at 48″, so will come down below my knees – it was probably meant to go down to a woman’s feet originally.

Note: All three of these were found thanks to Yamatoku.

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