Haori and Michiyuki

Embroidered and yuzen dyed black haori

This haori has a late autumn-winter design with machine-embroidered fans on a delicate yuzen dyed landscape.

Deep red shibori haori

Another piece displaying handmade craftsmanship. My first haori.

Grey-blue kiku shibori haori

Entirely covered with shibori (Japanese tie-dye).

Woven checks haori

I saw this haori and it was love at first sight. Everyone has different tastes, so others are free to disagree, but I think this is one of the coolest (informal) haoris I’ve ever seen. The colors, the checks, the ties…

Vintage purple meisen haori

Chic vintage haori with a bold pattern!

Vintage ume (plums) haori

A piece dating from WWII, with characteristic longer sleeves and overall length. Dyed with plum blossoms and branches, and covered with fake (dyed) kanoko shibori.

Bordeaux rinzu michiyuki

A single-color (iromuji) michiyuki with damask wave motif.