Hikifurisode: first attempt

My Marusho hikifurisode seems to have a penchant for adventure. I originally had it sent to my parents in the US, then asked them to send it to me in France. They put it in the mail two months ago, and I just received it today! Postage was for it to be sent by air, but with a delivery time of more than seven weeks, one really wonders if it actually went by air … or by boat instead.

In any case, it arrived in fine condition, with only a few light wrinkles here and there. I was so excited that I had to try it on, of course. It was just to see what it looks like when worn, so I didn’t spend a lot of time perfecting the look. I used a short-sleeved juban rather than a furisode juban and only wore a datejime (didn’t put on an obi), but it does give a nice idea of how it looks.

Side view
. (You can see a bit of my juban sleeve poking out, it’s not part of the kimono.)

Front view
. As tall as I am (1m79, or just under 5’11”), this hikifurisode is nonetheless the perfect length. Hikifurisode have the option of being folded or not at the waist when worn, unlike most other kimono.

Back view
. I took these three photos myself, using our camera’s self-timer, so didn’t have enough time to fix the train as I would have liked. The red strap is the kohlin belt, which is angled a little more than it should be ^_^;

I also need more practice getting the collar line right – it’s still not pulled down far enough in back, and in front it’s too high up on the sides of my neck. Muzukashii desu.

I’m very happy with my pretty hikifurisode (*^_^*)

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