Kimono as a canvas

Another enjoyable article to peruse, this one with beautiful photos and a little information on symbolism: Kimono exhibit shows beauty of Japanese garment (exhibit in Colorado, USA).


“[A kimono is] a big garment— a big canvas. The Japanese are masterful at asymmetry and kimono are superb examples. They are balanced but not perfectly symmetrical.”

Kimono designs also tell a lot about the Japanese culture and history through the use of symbolism.

Cherry blossoms and plum blossoms are typically used to symbolize spring and new life, Sparks said. “They were used by the Samurai warriors on their protective clothing because they were thought to be a symbol of courage,” she said of the blossoms that can typically be found braving the winter weather.

This exhibit illustrates kimono not only as a form of dress but also as a form of art and cultural expression, said Martha Denney, CSU director of international education.

“This is also great because one way for people to gain access to a culture is through their aesthetic forms,” Denney said. “You can talk to someone about Japan, but if they can see this beautiful art form… It’s a way to look at and appreciate how a culture perceives things differently.”

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