Kimono arts on display

Those of you who can make it to Squamish, British Columbia are in for a treat: Kimono and fibre arts on display at the Squamish Library’s Foyer Gallery in a show named “Release”. From the article:

Keiko Kiyota acquired her kimono making skill in Japan in a four-year apprenticeship to a master kimono maker.

Utilizing this skill, she began making Osaikumono in addition to kimono and exhibited her work at galleries and exhibitions in Japan. In 1999 Keiko moved to Vancouver and has been concentrating on Osaikumono as well as Oshie, exhibiting her work in the Vancouver area, and teaching classes.

Osaikumono is a traditional craft from the Edo period (1603 to 1867) where flowers, dolls, animals, etc. are made from kimono material. Each was originally designed as a koto pick bag or incense bag. Oshie, another traditional craft from the same period, is a relief like picture again made from kimono fabric. Each piece is carefully hand sewn, stitch-by-stitch, making good use of the textures, colours, patterns of Japanese fabrics, including kimono and Obi.

Author Kumiko Sudo has a wonderful book on osaikumono: Omiyage. I have this book and simply adore it. As I also found today, Sudo is coming out with another book of the same that looks absolutely lovely! Kokoro no Te (Handmade from the Heart).

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