Woodgrain shibori kimono

This latest find has me very excited! I managed to win a woodgrain (mokume) shibori kimono on my meager budget:

There’s also a closeup of one of the hexagons. The flower seems to be one of the seven autumn grasses, and as it’s a hitoe (unlined) kimono, it would probably be worn in September. (You can see when lined/unlined/etc. should be worn on this page.)

The woodgrain shibori is likely to have been stitched rather than pale-wrapped (arashi). The main evidence of this are the horizontal lines of slightly different color, which follow where threads would have been. These wouldn’t be present in arashi:

The flowers are done in hon hitta kanoko, dots within squares. The amount of handwork it must have taken is mind-boggling.

Update: I had time to verify that the flower is specifically kikyou, Chinese bellflower, one of the seven autumn grasses. According to the Japanese Haiku Dictionary kikyou is an early autumn flower.

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