February design update

I updated the site’s “innards” today. Most visitors won’t notice any major changes, although those using Mozilla/Netscape may notice that there are no longer problems with the images and the contact page. On that note, if you’ve emailed me through the contact page in the last month or two and haven’t got a response, please try again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I also plan to add an “about” page soon.

Technical stuff: The previous design was mostly CSS, with tables used for the basic layout. This seems to have been what caused minor display oddities (images not showing completely, although they loaded properly; text area in the contact page not being interpreted correctly) in recent Mozilla/Netscape browsers, although it worked fine in Opera and IE. Today I finally had time to get into the code and replace all the tables with CSS columns. The entire site is now done completely in CSS, apart from the one table on the contact page! As always, coded by hand with only a text editor, memory and a CSS reference. (Have I mentioned I’m a bit weird when it comes to coding web pages by hand? No particular reason, I just enjoy doing it that way.)

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