Pink Edo komon

This outfit is one I got for myself as a birthday gift. Through some strange act of fate, both were sold (separately) at the same time, and won for a very reasonable price – so reasonable I could hardly believe it. The Edo komon is exactly the right size, in excellent condition and my favorite pink. The motif is nice too: poem rafts decorated with chrysanthemums. Rafts would be used to float unfinished poems downstream, where others would pick up the poem, add a line and send it afloat again, until the poem was eventually completed. The rafts were often decorated with flowers.

(Click for larger photos.)

I again tried tying the obi wider: 20cm (8″). It’s not perfectly straight, but all in all I’m happy with how the otaiko bow turned out. My kitsuke seems to be getting better as well – I can’t find any “big” mistakes and dressing goes much more quickly than before. Perseverance is paying off!

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