Fuji and meisen!

When I last wore my fuji hitoe, I noticed that the sleeves had been hemmed up. Intrigued by this discovery, I restored them to their original length, and tried it on again today. Now that 15 May has passed, it’s time to wear unlined kimono and nagajuban.

Before and after! I wore a hanhaba obi that’s 18cm/7″ wide, so once again it’s interesting to see how the proportions change the overall look. With the longer sleeves and wider obi, I almost look short! There’s also a side view with the hanhaba obi. I like how the wisteria go all the way to the sleeve corners now that they’re longer.

Two days ago I received a purple meisen haori that I won on ebay – lucky me, despite its age, the wrist-to-wrist measurement is wide enough to look good. Being that its sleeves are the same length as on the wisteria kimono, I tried it on today to see how it looks:

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