Kenichi Kawakatsu "Kimono"

Photographs from the 1936 edition

  No. 1 Front cover
No. 2 Color photo opposite title page
No. 3 Title page
No. 4 Woman wearing furisode looking in a mirror
No. 5 "Dainty maiko - one of Japan's loveliest creations"
No. 6 "Kimono surrounded by nature"
No. 7 "The Young Idea in kimono at 'Doll's Festival'"
No. 8 "Man's dress in Archaic Age (prior to 552 AD)"
No. 9 "Court ladies of the Heian Period playing Go."
No. 10 "Tokugawa period costumes (17th and 18th centuries)"
No. 11 Names of kimono parts
No. 12 Wedding kimono display in a Tokyo department store
No. 13 Furisode display
No. 14 "Young unmarried lady in long-sleeved kimono with butterfly-winged obi"
No. 15 Bride dressed in black wedding furisode
No. 16 Woman in shibori haori sewing a kimono
No. 17 "Young ladies' walking-out kimono"
No. 18 "Best zouri for young ladies"
No. 19 Same bride as in no. 15, accompanied by senior attendants
No. 20 Front and back views of different kimono worn with obi
No. 21 "Otaiko musubi or 'drum-tie' obi knot"
No. 22 "Hinagiku musubi or 'marguerite tie' obi knot"
No. 23 Back view of a maiko with shibori and embroidered fans obi
No. 24 How to tie an otaiko musubi: step one (datejime)
No. 25 How to tie an otaiko musubi: step two (wind around waist)
No. 26 How to tie an otaiko musubi: step three (tie musubime)
No. 27 How to tie an otaiko musubi: step four (fold up the tare)
No. 28 How to tie an otaiko musubi: step five (put on obi makura and obiage)
No. 29 How to tie an otaiko musubi: step six (create otaiko, insert te)
No. 30 How to tie an otaiko musubi: final result
No. 31 "Various kinds of haori seen at family party"
No. 32 "Young couple, dressed in haori at domestic tête-à-tête"
No. 33 Young women in yukata
No. 34 Little girl in yukata with parasol
No. 35 "Foreign guests in Japan" in yukata
No. 36 Same wedding kimono as seen in no.'s 15 and 19, same woman as no. 16!
No. 37 "Dyed kimono materials hanging out to dry"
No. 38 "Embroidering of kimono material"
No. 39 "Fashions Change" with Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras
No. 40 "Group of young dancers reflected in mirror"
No. 41 Young girls at New Year's celebration
No. 42 Young women playing cards at New Year's
No. 43 "Spring setting in which classical kimono and modern dress are at their best"
No. 44 "Fashions change but Buddha remains immutable" :)
No. 45 Friends passing; foreign guests receiving tea
No. 46 "Kimono in perfect Japanese autumn scene at Nara"
No. 47 "Meditations in the Meiji Memorial Park at Tokyo"
No. 48 "Many women study Japanese School of painting"
No. 49 People admiring a painting at an exhibition
No. 50 Back inside cover

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